It All Starts With YOU

What is Coaching?

Many people equate coaching to their experience of a sports coach. However, leadership coaching is really the exact opposite – we aren’t telling, we are asking. Leadership coaching is a partnership where the coach takes you through thought-provoking questions so the leader can tap into ideas and opportunities they had already, and they are open to processing new ideas. This is where the work starts… from the leaders own thoughts and ideas. What may have taken 3-5 years can manifest itself into a much smaller timeframe. I provide that safe place to make your dreams come true by being your confidante and accountability partner.

Let’s Thrive as a Leader

#1 Leadership Development Issue:

Always been known for being a master at what you do? But now you are being asked to be an “influencer” with a strategy?

Coaching Opportunity:

  • How do you transition from being a task master to impacting the organization on a bigger scale to grow the business?  
  • How do you set your team up for success as you move away from the day-to-day initiatives?

Coaching Opportunity:

  • How much does your team trust you and each other? 
  • Can they be vulnerable with each other and have difficult conversations to hold each other accountable?
  • How do you deal with difficult and crucial conversations? 

#2 Leadership Development Issue:

How do you create a high performing team that is cross-functional and an inspiration to other teams?

#3 Leadership Development Issue:

Are you stuck or unsure how to get your career and the business to grow?

Coaching Opportunity:

  • How are you tapping into your team’s expertise to recognize opportunities?    
  • Are you thinking critically about how to see opportunities, identify issues before they happen and identify the impact on internal and external stakeholders?

“Once you have built a foundation of trust, transparency, true heart and hard work… you will reap the rewards of your people-focused business.”

— Carolyn Smith —

Here’s How We Can Work Together:


A 4-6 month program designed to help leaders and business owners invest in their business by strengthening their people management skills and business strategy.

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching with leaders from front line managers to VPs and business owners who want to elevate their skills, experiences and successes.

Customized Programs and Training

Working with specific businesses to address people management skills, strategic planning and critical thinking to attain the culture leaders and business owners are wanting for the organization to thrive.

“Carolyn is approachable, supportive and empathetic. She helped me to see myself in a different light and, though not always easy, to step out of my comfort zone and forge my own way.”


—Antoinette Agbeyakah, Senior Engineer

“Carolyn was an excellent facilitator. Together our team got to a level of trust and vulnerability that brought us closer as a group.” 

— Britt Kubicz, National Community Engagement Rep

“I’ve done these self-explorations before but this is the most outstanding I have ever experienced. I take away a new understanding of equality and inclusiveness.”

—Edwin McGowan, Student at Alberta University of the Arts Indigenous Program
The Change Effect - communication style assessment

My Gift to You…

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