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The Change Effect is a leadership coaching and business development consulting business, where we will transform businesses and communities by catapulting exceptional leadership experiences.  Our promise is to meet you where you are at.  We walk alongside you as you unlock the key to your full leadership potential.  Wherever you are in your leadership journey, The Change Effect is with you on your journey, through the ups, downs, and celebrations.  In this promise, you will experience how to bravely navigate your way forward as your true authentic self.  

“Give your people the What and Why and let them determine the How”

— Carolyn Smith —

Meet Carolyn

Hello I’m Carolyn Smith, a Professional Certified Coach and people management and business strategy consultant. I have an international coaching business supporting business leaders and their people who aspire to inspire.  For over 20 years I have been working within businesses supporting leaders and their organizations.  I am so invested in seeing my clients succeed in their businesses and lives.

My desire for education and athleticism took me away from the rural community and evolved into me working as a leadership coach, facilitator, and corporate professional.  I believe that learning is the foundation of all of life’s experiences and growth.  When we invest in our learning, we invest in  our futures.

Relationships are the cornerstone of business and genuine care is at the core of all our relationships.  I provide a human to human relationship in my coaching where trust and the courage to be our authentic selves is built through honest, collaborative conversations.  This trust can create remarkable transformations.  There is no one right solution for everyone, but there is a right combination of tools, commitment, and practice that supports an individual’s growth. 

Working with my clients as an accountability partner I meet them where they are at; take them to where they want to be; and connect them to who they truly are.

The Change Effect - Carolyn Smith

Case Study

As a small remote business owner, I like to set a high standard for the vacation experience. I understand the importance of taking care of my people and the business. The people who work for me know I trust and empower them to make decisions for the business. As a result of this business mindset this helps us achieve the goal to provide a “wow” experience  at my Kelowna Vacation Property making my guests feel like they are “home.” 

Whether working one-on-one or through business consulting I bring my experience working in corporations and continuous learning to help business owners who want to invest in themselves and have a growth mindset. I support these leaders who allow their people to thrive and succeed while being authentic to themselves. Where they want to develop their strategic mindset for themselves, their business and their people.

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  • Professional Certified  Coach
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment Certified:  EQ-I 2.0 and 360 EQi Certified
  • 20 years of corporate experience
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The Change Effect - Carolyn Smith

In Her Words

My first coaching experience occurred more than thirty years ago when I worked for the Calgary Olympic Development Association (CODA) at Canada Olympic Park (COP).  After the Olympics, CODA hired a consultant who came into the organization and worked with leadership to create a coaching culture.  It was a huge culture shift but resulted in me wanting to get my education and, eventually, getting certified as a coach.  My passion is to help front line leaders to VPs be the best they can be, leading their people.

Growing up in, and being part of a family-run business, I observed my parents making strategic plans and using critical thinking to make the difficult but necessary decisions with the long game in mind for the business and the family.  Working in the corporate world and coaching global leaders from all genres of business has allowed me to impact leaders and business owners with their people management, critical thinking and strategies.

In reflecting on my passion for serving people, these experiences have inspired me to share the knowledge I have acquired in corporate business, my global coaching expertise, my determination to achieve as an athlete and my deep rooted belief that leaders who treat their employees as their greatest asset and, are intentional in their strategies, is the method for business success. The goal is to catapult leaders’ experiences so they are able to meet their financial, career and personal goals.