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The Change Effect is a certified leadership coaching and business development consulting business, intentionally focusing on the people and strategy side of the business. Our clients are businesses wanting to be successful by focusing on their people while intentionally aligning to the reason they created their business. Their business success ripples out into their communities because of the investment they have put into their people and strategy.

“Trust and communication are the cornerstones to success and empowers leaders to work ON the business while employees work IN the business.”

— Carolyn Smith —

Meet Carolyn

Hi. I’m Carolyn Smith, leadership coach and people management and business strategy consultant. I have an international coaching business supporting business leaders and their people.  For over 20 years I have been working within businesses supporting leaders and the organizations.  I’m proud of the wealth of knowledge and tools I bring to my clients to help business leaders enhance their work environments, work practices and strategic thinking and planning.  I am so invested in seeing my clients succeed in their business.

As many did during the pandemic, I evaluated my life and recognized I yearned to reconnect with my small town roots by sharing and supporting the business owner as they develop and grow their businesses. I love everything they stand for: community living, homegrown values, self-reliance and a lifestyle built around families, living and people.

My desire for education and athleticism took me away from the rural community and evolved into me working as a leadership coach, facilitator, and corporate professional. I came to appreciate the common themes and issues that business leaders have, and how they relate to people and strategy.  Regardless of industry, I apply my knowledge of common business practices, communication skills, effective work environments, and intentional strategy to support the business owner as they build their business with INTENTION AND HEART.  My clients are international but my heart is small community.

The Change Effect - Carolyn Smith

Case Study

As a small remote business owner myself I understand the importance of taking care of my people and the business. The people who work for me know I trust and empower them. This has resulted in watching my Guest Manager raise her daughter as a single mom while going to university and becoming an amazing teacher! In addition, it is my business goal to provide a “wow” experience for my Kelowna Vacation Property making my guests feel like they are “home.” 

Whether working one-on-one or through business consulting I bring my experience working in larger corporations to help small business owners in developing THEIR unique business culture. I support these business leaders in putting their people at the centre… where they take care of their employees FIRST, knowing that they are the key to their businesses’ growth and success.

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  • Professional Certified  Coach
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment Certified:  EQ-I 2.0 and 360 EQi Certified
  • 20 years of corporate experience
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My Gift to You…

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The Change Effect - Carolyn Smith

In Her Words

My first coaching experience occurred more than thirty years ago when I worked for the Calgary Olympic Development Association (CODA) at Canada Olympic Park (COP).  After the Olympics, CODA hired a consultant who came into the organization and worked with leadership to create a coaching culture.  It was a huge culture shift but resulted in me wanted to get my education and, eventually, get certified as a leadership and executive coach.

During this same time my aunt and uncle purchased a business in a small Northern Alberta community. Their goal was to create their own success and provide for their young family. Taking over a business that had established business practices and an established crew was not without challenges.

They were struggling with getting buy-in from the existing staff – and because they were uncomfortable with difficult conversations, they tended to be reactionary and came across as borderline aggressive. They also could tell there was a lack of trust on both sides, resulting in reoccurring issues.

Fortunately, they discovered resources and training for managing the people side of the business they were able to turn things around and grew a very successful business. My uncle and aunt created a thriving business and, as a result, they were able to create an additional successful business in their small town. They became known for their sponsorship in sports, being an employer of choice, and raising their family while living out their passion as they envisioned.

In reflecting on my passion for serving people, their story inspired me to share the knowledge I have acquired over my 20 years in corporate business, my coaching expertise and my deep rooted belief that treating your employees as your greatest asset and being intentional in your strategies is the recipe for business success. I want to honor businesses by sharing my experience and knowledge from both my rural upbringing, coaching, and business career so they are able to meet their financial and personal goals.