Become an Employer of Choice

How can the heart of your business be realized through your people?

Are you working too hard and having troubles keeping your star employees? Build a business you AND YOUR PEOPLE love to work in. It is possible for you to create a business culture where YOU ARE THE PERSON everyone wants to work for. Your employees are like family. They SEE and UNDERSTAND your business’s VISION and are committed to it. They give their best every day and there is open communication, trust, and accountability because of YOUR LEADERSHIP. You, and your people are thriving, growing, and have a healthy work/life balance. And YOUR BUSINESS REAPS THE REWARDS.


The Ripple Effect

Focusing on what people need to run your business will allow them to grow and develop beyond the business. This ripple effect starts with YOU, the business owner. When you improve your communication skills, trust, and rapport, and empower your people, you will be able to provide for your family, enjoy profit in your business and become an employer of choice.

The Change Effect - Carolyn Smith

About Carolyn

Hi, I’m Carolyn. I grew up in a small agricultural community where most businesses were family owned. I know firsthand the joys – and the challenges – of living in a small community. My family poured everything into their business and it wasn’t easy.  I have also seen this in my 20+ years of working with people in all types of different industries and with all sizes of companies. I have a passion for seeing companies thrive based on the premises of taking care of people. My passion is to support you and your team make small shifts in your business that can make a big difference in your life and business outcomes.

I’m known for my passion for inspiring others to be their best and authentic selves, creating space to have open and safe dialogue about complex and intricate subjects, and coaching business leaders and workers to determine and actualize their goals.

You can create a business culture where you are an employer of choice… where your employees understand your company’s vision and are committed to it. There is strategy, open communication, trust and accountability – and everyone gives their best every day.

It is also possible for you to have a successful business AND a happy life. Let me support you in making this a reality. 

“Carolyn is great at helping us focus our leadership team around setting tangible goals and supporting staff to achieve them. I am especially appreciative of her high level of emotional intelligence in dealing with interpersonal conflict.” 

—Joel Armitage, Managing Principal

“Carolyn was instrumental in growing my leadership capacity. As I’m not only more effective in my communication with others but also growing in my capacity to support them through my position as a leader. 

—Truper McBride, Planning Discipline Leader

“Carolyn’s ability to recognize passion and coach you through pursuing that passion is extraordinary. Carolyn helped me adapt to new challenges and find more meaning in my work. I learned tips and tricks about how to move through inter and intra-personal conflict.

—Gideon Mentie, Alberta Council for Global Cooperation, Top 30 Under 30 Engineer

Why Organizational Coaching Matters


less team conflict


more confidence in problem solving


greater ability to come up with solutions


greater agility in response to new challenges

*Sourced from International Coaching Federation

The Change Effect - communication style assessment

My Gift to You…

Learn how your communication style impacts relationships. I’d love to send you an assessment about how you deal with conflict and manage difficult conversations.  Complete the information below to receive your free assessment.

“Take care of your people… and your people will take care of your business.”

— Carolyn Smith —